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Exactly what I needed!!! Unless you have had nerve pinch pain you don't get how horrible it can be. Now I'm 100% better and feel like a new person. Really nice office. I felt like everyone really cared about me.

~ Rebecca W

I have seen good doctors and I have seen bad doctors. Dr. Felix is a good doctor. I wasn't about ready to trust just anyone with my neck. Dr. Felix did a great job and the PA Jeff was very helpful. I would give 6 stars if I could. ******

~ Chelsea V

Just a great experience. Very informative visit with Dr. Felix. He treated me like my opinions mattered. He just didn't tell me what I needed. He gave me several options and we made the plan together as a team. I felt really good about it. So far I am doing great and healing up well.

~ Annette M

Great Doctor!!! Great Office!!! Great Staff!!!

~ Bradley S

I fell getting out of bed and fractured my back. The ER told me it was a compressed fracture and recommended that I see Dr. Felix. I met with him the next day and shortly thereafter had a procedure to fix the fracture. It was done in his office and I didn't feel a thing. Within days the fracture felt almost 100% better.

~ Annette K

I love Dr. Felix and Jeff Pully. Dr Felix could was amazing and I am so happy with my results. He fused my back just a few weeks ago and I am already more active than I had been for years. Dr. Felix explained things very clearly and Jeff was helpful throughout the process. I would give 6 stars if that was allowed.

~ Jose G

Had both neck and back done by Dr. Felix. My neck surgery went really good and I was able to feel in both hands again. My back surgery went even better and have not had pain for months. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would.

~ Steve T

I was sent to Dr. Felix from the emergency room because the pain was so bad. I had struggled with leg pains for some time that recently got a lot worse. I had x-rays and a MRI done and after trying a couple things that didn't take the pain all the way away we set up surgery. He answered all my questions and surgery went great. Super happy!

~ Peggy J

My neck had been bothering for several months and everything I tried seemed to make it worse. I started getting pain so bad down my right arm I would barely stand it. I was recommended to Dr. Felix from a nurse from the hospital and was able to get in and see him quickly. He pin pointed my issue and we scheduled surgery. I am so glad I did. I am back golfing and riding my bike regularly.

~ Bradley G

My mom could not walk more than a block because of the pain in her back and legs. Dr. Felix operated and she has a new life. We could not be more happy with the care we received from him and his staff.

~ Alberto G

Could not be happier with my surgery. I am a totally different person. I have referred several of my friends/family member to him because I was so pleased. If you are considering spine surgery see him for sure.

~ Scott B

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Felix. Very helpful and insightful. Great Doctor!

~ Tyler W

Dr Felix and his staff are very professional. They did both my lower back and neck surgery. They told me what to expect and we're very honest with me. They also took the time to explain everything to me as well as answer all of my questions. Highly recommended

~ Charity M

The doctor performed back surgery and three weeks later neck surgery to relieve pain and fix nerve damage in my arm causing the loss of motion. He knew exactly what needed to be fixed. I am now walking better and my arm is regaining strength. Thank you Dr. Felix, Mark and the staff for successful surgeries and recovery.

~ Grant C

Dr Felix has been a positive 3 for 3 on 3 my surgeries over the past 15 years: 2 back (microdiscectomies) and 1 neck (ACDF). He and Marc, Cynthia, and Susan are consummate pros. They do a great job keeping you and your relatives informed and comfortable. I couldn't recommend a better team to help you heal.

~ Ken B

My experience with Dr. Felix has been a stunning success. My journey started with a fusion of the L4-5 iin 2000 (degenerative disc issue), then a horrific accident in 2002 led to the next fusion of multiple vertebrae in 2003. I am now stabilized from the L5 clear up to the T10. It made the difference between a wheelchair and walking. The only things I have lost are the ability to do the limbo and riding our horses. My husband has also had 3 surgeries: a laminectomy (to prolong the need for a fusion for a couple years, which it did), the L4-5 fusion in 2012, then the L3-4 this year. I would recommend Brent Felix and SLOC over and over again!

~ Jennifer C-A